Who we are?


The team

Our team is profoundly committed to the mission, vision and values of the business. The teaching staff consists of active and dynamic people – a combination of native and non-native speakers – with a great deal of experience and specific qualifications for language teaching. Not only are they profoundly knowledgeable about the languages they specialize in, but are also knowledgeable about the culture of the countries where these languages are spoken, being from or having lived in these countries.

Our Mission

Akerlei is a private language School. We develop and provide language courses both to private students and to companies. We offer real and personalized training solutions that meet the needs of the students, their families, the institutions, our work environment and the social environment, in an atmosphere of support, respect and professionalism.

Our Vision

At Akerlei, we want to be recognized as a language training center of reference in the area of “Bajo Deba” and “Duranguesado” striving towards:

  • A close collaboration with our clients and students to offer them a better quality service each day.
  • The quality of our services.
  • The adaptation of new learning methods and technological innovation.
  • Promote alliances with other educational centres, businesses, other national and international organizations to develop projects together.

Our values

We provide quick and effective answers, being professional, honest and trustworthy, promising only what we can accomplish.


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