Children and Teenagers

English, French and German courses for children

If your child is between 4 and 12, Akerlei is the right place to learn a foreign language. Our classes, full of fun and entertainment, make a positive first impression about learning a foreign language and the culture of the country. Your child will learn while having fun!



English, French and German courses for teenagers

If you want your child to be prepared for the future, learning foreign languages is the way. In Akerlei, we teach teenagers using the best learning tools in the market and with a natural approach to the language learning that allows them to communicate with fluency and grammatical accuracy. All of our courses lead to obtaining certificates of the different languages (Cambridge certificates, DELF, Goethe institute Zertifikat etc..)


Exam preparation courses

KET, PET, FIRST, CAE, etc… These acronyms are important, they stand for the certificates that prove the level of a language. These courses are designed to truly prepare students to obtain these certificates. Your child will speak the language and the certificate will speak for him or her.


Apoyo Extraescolar

If your child needs extra help with homework or with the subjects that are taught in their schools and colleges, in Akerlei, we do not only help them to strengthen the subject knowledge but also to generate in the students a habit of working to become an autonomous person.


Summer Camp in Ermua

Children always want to play, in winter, in spring, in summer and in Autumn. What better way to make them happy than filling their time with songs, handycrafts, workshops, excursions, theatre, games and an endless number of amusing activities!. Our urban camp is a fantastic option for that, because besides having fun, the children are going to learn English, are going to be helped with their personal development, their creativity and, above all, they will make good and great friends



English immersion Summer Camp

Do you remember those unforgettable summer camps of your childhood?

Now, we give your child the opportunity to live a unique experience in our summer camp “English Fun”. For years, every summer, we organize a camp in Formigal, where surrounded by nature, the children will experience the English language through games, cultural and sport activities, they will learn the values of having fun, friendship, solidarity and will interact with the environment. And all that in a healthy and safe atmosphere


Stays abroad

If you want your child to live a memorable experience being immersed with the language 24 hours a day, there isn’t a better thing than the language stays. They will experience a cultural immersion, will know the lifestyle, hobbies, local food and the people from the country. Besides, they will develop a greater self-confidence and independence as they will have to get along by themselves. There are many options for these stays, in a family, on a camp, or in student housing. Find out more about our summer programs and choose the one that suits your child’s needs best.


Children workshops in English

Play, play and play. Activities like cooking, drawing, puzles, drawing t-shirt, songs, handicrafts and many more are the ideal activities to strengthen the knowledge of English while the children never stop having fun with their friends.



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