Face-to-face language courses

Whether you have advanced knowledge or you are more of a beginner, in Akerlei we have the course that meets your individual needs. Our classes are designed to be engaging and dynamic. We follow the most advanced teaching methods and our classes are equipped with modern and interactive technologies. On our courses, you’ll be exposed to the language you are learning from the very beginning and we’ll help you with the different areas of the language so that you feel more confident while you are learning enjoying of a relaxed study environment.


Exam preparation courses

If you need a certificate that proves sufficient English skills for study, live or work, we have the courses you need to gain the Cambridge certificates (KET, PET, FIRST AND CAE) which are accepted by thousands of universities, employers and governments around the world.


Intensive courses

If you need to improve your language skills in a short period of time, you want to cover more than one level in a year or you need to sit an exam inmediately, these are the type of courses that will fit your needs best. In these courses, we have compressed everything but the quality. The course will cover all aspects of the language including listening, speaking, reading and writing.


One-to-one courses

For those who cannot fit into fixed days and times or have very specific needs, we have one-to-one classes that will meet your individual needs. No matter what level you have, we’ll design a personalized course program for you that will focus on the skills that you need most help with and on the days and times that suit you best. You choose your schedule and if you can’t make it to a lesson, don’t worry, we’ll rearrange the class for another day or time.


Online and blended learning courses

Flexibility is what best describes these courses. No matter where you are or what time it is, our online courses provide you with a great range of learning tools that make the courses engaging, easy to follow and very intuitive. Besides, you’ll have the help of a tutor to support you whenever you need it, online chats to speak with other coursemates, and video conference lessons with a native teacher of English.

We also offer blended learning courses which combine on-site with online classes. They merge the best elements of online (virtual classrooms , internet, chats, video conference) and the face-to-face learning so that you can benefit from the attention of a face-to-face teacher who carefully tracks your progress and provides you with the real-time guidance.



Courses via skype

These lessons are delivered via skype, just book a time that best suits you and without moving from your house or office, you’ll have the right teacher for you.


Stays abroad

There is only one better way to learn a language than learning at Akerlei, and that’s going to the country where that language is spoken. We offer a wide range of flexible and diverse courses abroad so that you can attain your goals in a record time. You’ll even dream in the language you are learning!



100% funded courses

We manage Comprehensive Grants and / or bonuses for training, which are 100% funded by HOBETUZ and are aimed at employees in active employment and unemployed workers.  Get in touch with us to get information on present calls for training programs.


Subsidized courses

All our adult courses can be 100% subsidized or partially subsidized through the Tripartite Foundation for Employment. These courses are aimed at employees in active employment. If you want to enroll on them, you must apply for authorization for the credit of the course to be given to your company. Once authorized, we will contact your company to make all necessary arrangements.



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